Saturday, 3 May 2008

I went to Target this afternoon. I ended up with the green and blue square serving bowl and the green and blue square cereal bowl to use as a chip and dip. I also bought the multi colored napkin basket, the daisy tray, the pink pelican cocktail napkins and the madras frame. I had a hard time making up my mind what I wanted to substitute for a chip and dip. I should go back and get more cereal bowls to use for nuts, etc. and maybe a plate to use for relishes. I wanted the sailboat server, but I don't know if I will get much use out of it. I'm dying for the madras bucket, but have no clue what I'd use it for. I may go tomorrow and get it anyway.

I also went to Barnes & Noble. I bought "the ex-debutante" by Linda Francis Lee. She also wrote "Devil in the Junior League". I can't wait to get started. I only have a little bit left of "They Did it With Love" by Kate Morgenroth. Tickled Pink & Green recommended this book. It is a lot better than I thought it would be. I can barely put it down.

Tonight I'm making my favorite chicken and rice dish. It is so easy. It makes as many servings as you need. I put cooked rice in a casserole dish, lay raw chicken on top, dot with butter, and sprinkle onion soup mix over it. I add just enough water to keep it from drying out. I cover it with foil and cook it on 350 until the chicken is done. I remove the foil and let it cook another 5 minutes. Add a green vegetable and you have a good meal. It makes a good date dish. Most guys can't figure out what I season the chicken with.


lepetitprep said...

hmmm... good date dish... I am taking note of this! thanks!

hicktowndiva said...

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Also, you've convinced me that I need a trip to the Pink Pelican...Huntsville isn't that far from me but I don't make the trip often.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the post. I'm glad you liked my blog. Yours is great!


Maddie said...

My latest trip to Target sounds a lot like yours. My husband was AMAZED at all the pink and green I was able to find from dishes to a soccer mom chair to some picture frames. He just shrugs and shakes his head...I just smile :)

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I saw the bucket last week too and wanted it but too couldn't decide how/when/if I would use it. It's so stinkin' cute though.

Try online if they are out in your store.