Friday, 30 May 2008

They didn't show up to fix my ceiling. I was sort of surprised that they scheduled it. I don't think the ceiling is dry yet. Maybe it will be dry enough on Monday. I really don't want to look at this mess all weekend. Maybe I can get it organized in the morning. Not tonight, I'm too tired.

Queenie was so nice to me today. She regifted to me a bouquet of daisies that a customer gave her. I love daisies. She won't be at work most of next week. She has to go out of town for training.

I am sitting here eating a cobb salad from Newk's Cafe and drinking a glass of Harney & Son decaffinated raspberry iced tea (with lemon, of course). Yum Yum. I love a good cobb salad (although I've had better, but I wanted take-out)) and raspberry tea.

I'm not working at the liquor store this weekend, so I won't be back with any posts about our crazy (eccentric?) customers.

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Linney Shvede said...

I always love a good cobb salad...glad you got some daisies...even if they were regifted..