Thursday, 22 May 2008

Today was a busy day. I waited all day on an email that I immediately needed to email to someone else. I got the email at 4:30. Queenie's boss emailed her and I and asked whoever was not busy to take a map of each floor and write down who sat where. I was in the middle of a report that was late (not my fault) and I was the only one in the department and two of the executives were traveling. I couldn't leave. I think she got mad, but she got over it.

I have decided that starting Monday, I am going back on Phase I of the South Beach Diet. I have lost 9 pounds since New Year's and need to lose 10 more. The weight will not budge. I think my occaisionally treats are not helping. After Monday, no more trips to Panera or Chick-Fil-A. I went to Publix tonight and bought my food. Then I made my last trip (for awhile) to Panera. I got an Asiago Roast Beef sandwich and a chocolate duet cookie. Both were delicious. Maybe that will hold me for a couple of months.

Did anybody watch Ugly Betty? Who do you think she chose, Henry or Gio. I'm hoping for Gio. I am getting tired of Henry. He is such a dork. And, why doesn't he marry Charlie if she just had his baby? Although, I've seen the actor that plays Henry when he's not Henry and he's hot! Betty still has some more life to live and I think Gio will help her live it.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Tomorrow afternoon, I'm off to my mother's. I plan to work at the liquor store on Saturday and chill on Sunday and Monday.

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