Wednesday, 14 May 2008

This morning, I put on my black linen skirt that is just a little bit too big and it was too tight. OH NO! I decided that it was the shirt that I had tucked in. It was rather thick. I still need to lose about 10 pounds. I am going to get real serious about my diet after Memorial Day.

Yesterday and today there was a training session on the 10th floor. I was nice and printed and copied some of their handouts. I also put out ice and ice water for them. When the training was over, one of the ladies came to our department with a tray with cookies and apples. I was on a phone call and my boss offered to help her. She was looking for someone else. I know our faces just dropped. I told him that I was telling myself how nice it was for her to bring that to us. He said he was going to splurge and eat one of the cookies. Oh well, I guess we didn't need it anyway.

Tomorrow, I have another lunch that I have to organize. It is for the president of the bank. This afternoon, Queenie decided to clean out the icemaker and change the filter. I guess I'll have to go to another floor for ice.

I am almost finished reading "Ex-Debutante" by Linda Francis Lee. The book is great. She also wrote "Devil in the Junior League". She mentions some of the characters from "Devil in the Junior League" in "Ex-Debutante". I recommend both if you haven't already read them. A couple of weeks ago, I saw "Devil..." on the bargain books table at Barnes & Noble. I may go to her website and see if there are any other cute books that I might want to read.


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

That's the book I started today. I haven't read much but so far I like it. I, too have read the first one. Sounds like we might have the same taste in books.

lisagh said...

Ooooh! I have to get that book. I loved Devil in the Junior League - even though as a League member I was asked NOT to read it! Of course, that just made me want to read it more :)