Saturday, 3 May 2008

Yesterday, my day started out being busy with the food for the training group. Queenie and a coworker went to an anniversay party for a fellow employee. After lunch, Qeenine told me that she had a stomach ache, it must have been the punch. Who gets a stomach ache drinking punch? We figure that she was wanting to go home. About 10 minutes later I saw her eating some potato chips. I guess they settled her stomach. A while later she ate a big chocolate chip cookie. She told me that it was so good that she was going to have another. I noticed that 2 were missing. I guess she got better.

BFF MAB's father is improving nicely. Tomorrow they are having a small birthday party for her mother. They invited me to come eat. MAB's brother is cooking a boston butt. I think I may go a little early and take some spinach dip and chips. Maybe I can find something cute and madras at Target to serve it in.

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