Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This morning, I was relieved to see that Pink Cupcakes and TaB was not listed as one of the Eleven Lamest Blogs.

Yesterday, Birmingham's mayor was arrested and indicted on 101 Federal charges. There was not much on al.com about it today...but on my way home from work on the Red Mountain Expressway, there was a billboard that said "Mayor Lankford Indicted". It was an advertisement for the Birmingham News. Apparently, The Birmingham News is not a big fan of Mayor Lankford. Apparently, A Trip Down South is not a fan either.

Today, Queenie had to leave early. Her cough drops weren't working. Working for what, I don't know. She didn't act like she was sick.

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trip said...

That is pretty awesome to hear about the billboard. Wish I could have seen it myself.