Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I arrived at work today to an email that I was to order lunch for 75 for Thursday. YIKES! I got it ordered. It is lunch for my boss that's leaving. I also went up to the dining room and rearranged all the tables and chairs..all by myself. Tomorrow I need to clean the tables and get someone to help me move some heavy tables into the dining room. Nothing like last minute plans.

Today, I read in Business Alabama that Bernie Madoff attended the University of Alabama during his freshman year. BFF said, "That explains a lot". I hope we didn't offend any Alabama Alumni. Remember, BFF and I graduated from Auburn.

As I write this, I'm watching a PBS special with Andrea Bocelli. I just love to hear him sing. He is so talented, and he seems like someone who enjoys life to the fullest. I am going to suggest to my sister and brother-in-law that they play "Because We Believe" at the Relay for Life. I think it will be a good song for either when the cancer survivors take their walk, or when the participants walk in memory and in honor of those that have been stricken with cancer.

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