Saturday, 7 March 2009

I got a few responses to my trip down memory lane. There were some suggestions about brands that I forgot about. Preppy 101 remembered John Meyer and Villager. Mom on the Run said that Villager is now sold at Kohl's. Her Preppiness reminded me of J. G. Hook. Another brand that I thought about was Dottie Smith. Dottie Smith made preppy jewelry and accessories. I still have several pieces of Dottie Smith jewelry. I have goldtone ladybug earrings and the scatter pin to match. I also have a couple of Dottie Smith circle pins. Dottie Smith also made the belt buckles that were worn with belt strips. My sister and her friends could kill me for throwing away my belt strips. I bet I had close to 100. I had a Dottie Smith tote. It was kelly green with a navy bottom and straps. Where the navy and kelly met was a ribbon with daisies on it. For some reason a couple of years ago, I convinced myself that I still owned this tote. I tore my closet to pieces looking for it. I never did find it. I must have thrown it away.

Speaking of Villager, I was reminded of a date I had back in the early 80's. At the time, I worked at a Savings & Loan and we had navy polyester double knit uniforms and they were not very lovely. A coworker asked me out on a date (a big no-no, no "fishing off the company pier"). We went to eat at a popular restaurant. I wore a Villager outfit that my parents had bought me. It was a 100% wool navy skirt, 100% wool kelly green blazer and a 100% cotton navy/red/kelly plaid blouse (all natural fibers). I thought I looked cute. Dinner went okay, but there was not that much chemistry there. The next day, he told the switchboard operator (the mouth of the south) that I wore my uniform skirt! I was really upset, because I would not be caught dead outside of work in my uniform. Needless to say, I never went out with him again and was a little cold to him for a while.

A fried of mine was talking at Christmas about clothes. She said that when she graduated from college, her father bought her a J. B. Hook suit to start her first job. She said that she was so proud of that suit. I had a red/navy/hunter green plaid J. G. Hook skirt. I still have a few pairs of J. G. Hook socks. I also had J. G. Hook hair accessories. They are plaid plastic. I may still have those. As you can tell, if I really like something, I don't have the heart to throw it away.


the Preppy Princess said...

These are such wonderful memories Miss Cupcakes, thank you for such cool posts! J.G. Hook is *I think* being sold by a catalog company...and I can't remember the name now that need it. Classic Princess.

I have to share my secret shame: I could never figure out how to work the belt strips with the interchangeable buckles. I cannot tell you how many sat in my drawer & I couldn't make the work!

Okay, enough true confessions for this evening.

Smiles at you!

Tammy B said...

Preppy Princess, I think I saw J. G. Hook in Chadwicks a few years ago.