Sunday, 8 March 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Summit. I went to Anthropolgie to look for something pretty to use as a mat for my table. I didn't see anything, but I may check back. It was hard to look, because there was so many people there. I ended up buying a juice glass that was on sale and a book. The book is "How to be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life" by Melissa Hellstern. I then went to Vera Bradley and bought a change purse to use to put lipstick in. I got the Cupcake Green pattern. Kelly green is my favorite color. I'm so glad that it is making a big comeback this year. I cruised through Swoozies. I say too much that I wanted, so I left. I then went to Barnes & Noble and then to Belk's. at Barnes & Noble I bought a 3 CD set of Vladimir Horowitz, the great pianist. I love classical piano music, but do not have any CD's. I put the CD's in my CD player and played them all night. I am really enjoying them. The parking lot at the Summit was packed. On the way home, I stopped by Target. There weren't that many people there. They were all at the Summit.

When I got home, I watched old Nancy Drew movies and downloaded some CD's onto I-tunes. I then organized everything into separate playlists. Now, I can't find the cord or the earbuds for my Ipod. I have looked everywhere. I think I am going to look again.

Today, I plan on reading and watching TV. I have not had a lazy weekend in a long time. I was really going to take advantage of it, but now I'm bored. Maybe looking for my Ipod accessories will help me get organized and feel like I've accomplished something.

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