Saturday, 28 March 2009

It has been pouring down rain outside for several hours. At least we did not get the bad thunderstorms that they said we were. South Alabama and South Mississippi got the worst of it. I heard that in South Alabama they had baseball size hail. That will beat a car to pieces. It will also put dents in a metal roof.

My sister is upset with her foster sons. Both are good students and make good grades, except this time, one got a D in English and the other got a D in History. She is more upset about the D in English, because she is an English teacher. I told the other one that I'd help him with his History, since I have a degree in it.

I found out yesterday that since I'm a fire warden on our floor, I get to wear an orange vest when we have to go outside when the alarm rings. Whoopee! It sounds like something from the 6th grade. I bet Queenie wishes she was a fire warden so that she can wear the orange vest.

Monday, I have to go to the dentist in Huntsville. I'm taking a vacation day so that I don't have to rush back to work. My mother is going with me, and we plan to do a little shopping.

I hope that everyone has a good weekend. I hope that the weather does not get too bad where you live.