Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I finally got to watch the Martha Stewart Lilly Pulitzer show. I saw many familiar faces. Also, Hopsy, you were wonderful. You were so cute and polite. You were just the way I figured you'd be. I can't wait for an occasion to make the Key Lime Mojitas. The looked wonderful.

After I watched Martha, I went to and finally ordered Social Climbers by Beth Dunn. I also ordered Some Nerve by Jane Heller. If you haven't ever read any of Jane Heller's novels, I highly recommend them. I have read almost all of them, some more than once. I actually started reading them by accident. I picked up The Club by accident at the book store. I meant to get another book. The next time I was at the book store, I bought the others that she wrote. I buy a new one every year. I also ordered The Filthy Rich Handbook. It was only $3.99.

FYI - I noticed that Eliza B has $10 off sandals until March 31.


White Lily said...

I'm watching the Lilly Martha show right now! How cool, huh?

the Preppy Princess said...

Okay Miss Cupcakes, we are off to our LIbrary's website to reserve the Jane Heller book! Thanks for the suggestion!