Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of spring break for the kids here in Alabama. That means that everyone will be back at work on Monday. It's been a nice quiet week at work.

This morning, we heard sirens outside. We rushed to the window to see a Indy race car speeding down the street with motorcycle cops all around. Then they came back speeding up the street. In the passenger seat was our illustrious mayor. How dangerous it that? Speeding down a major downtown street. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Some of the pedestrians are elderly people, children, ever blind people. What if there had been an accident? There are 2 speedways in the area. You'd have thought that they would use one of them. Barber Motor Speedway is about 30 minutes away. That's where they test drive Porsche's and Ferrari's. But, then nobody would have gotten to see the mayor in a sports car. BFF said that he was being OJ. (the mayor was arrested a few months ago and is facing charges in federal court)

Tomorrow, I have to fill in for the mail guy. I think I'll dress real casual since no one will be there. I'm going to wear LL Bean chinos, a Lilly Pulitzer long sleeved olive green polo, bright pink with white polka dot belt from Morgan & Company and topsiders. That seems mighty comfortable. Naturally, I'll have on my pearls.

I hope everyone has a Happy Friday.


Preppy 101 said...

Mighty comfortable and might cute!!

Mom on the Run said...

You have the cutest wardrobe choices. I'm pea green with envy!

Sherrie said...

I love you blog and loved Tab when I was in HS!

the Preppy Princess said...

Love-love-love the description of your wardrobe on this one, right down to the pearls! You are makin' casual look good!