Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I missed Martha Stewart today. I checked my local listings and could not find a time for the show. I tried the website and could not find a video to view. Does anyone know how I can view the show on the internet? I so wanted to catch a glimpse of everyone, especially Hopsy.

I think I may go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is a big day at work.

I hope everyone has a nice Thursday.


Mom on the Run said...

They usually have the previous day's show on Fine Living at 8 EST, unless they've changed their schedule.

I used to watch it occasionally when it was on in the morning here, but now it's on in the middle of the afternoon so I rarely see it.

milk and cookeez said...

Martha used to be on ABC here in Ohio, but when I went looking to DVR this morning it was on the CW-OK??
Every commercial was for a lawyer.
Hopsy did a great job. I wish I could somehow send it to you, but its only on DVR. Sorry :(

Kappa Prep said...

I actually just checked this because everyone at work is dying to see it as well. The show is re0airing tonight at 7pm EST on FLN. It is channel 166 in Dallas, but if you go on the Martha site and type in your zip code you can find out what channel it is in your area to! I hope you can catch it tonight, you will LOVE it!

the Preppy Princess said...

Hope you are able to see it Miss Cupcakes, it was fun to watch everyone in the audience dressed in all their Lilly!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kate said...

Prep-E girl has DVDs available!

Preppy Engineer said...

I missed it too. I hope they put it on the internet soon.