Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thank you all for your suggestions about watching Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, my cable does not have FLN. Maybe in a few days it will be on the internet to watch.

Today was busy at work. We had my boss's going away luncheon. I was in charge of the food and getting the dining room set up. I was really scared that something would go wrong, but everything went fine. I was afraid that we would run out of food. I was told to order food for 75 and there are 150+ people that work in our building and all were invited, plus some of our attorneys. There was enough food left over for the secretaries on our floor to enjoy lunch on the leftovers tomorrow. There were also 3 whole pies, plus parts of 3 others.

We let Queenie go up early to fix her plate so that she could get back to catch the phones while my coworker and I helped people with their drinks and with the clean up. Twice she was told that we were nervous about there being enough food. She piled her plate with meat, got 3 cheese biscuits, about 30 pickle slices and 2 pieces of pie. As she was in line, she remarked, "This food has to feed 75 people?" I couldn't believe her. She said this after she filled her plate. She said it like she doubted that it would. She acted like she didn't get much, because she didn't have an appetite. I think that there were enough people that took small portions to even out the ones that took large portions. Despite her being a pig, it went fine.

Tomorrow, I leave work at noon to go to my mother's. My sister and I have to get ready for a baby shower that we are hosting at my sister's house. We invited close to 30 people and so far only 2 regrets. I hope it doesn't get too crowded.

In case I don't get to post this weekend, I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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MellyLil said...

you can watch the show online now!

You can watch the show online now!
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