Monday, 16 March 2009

Preppy Pink Crocodile requested my recipe for chicken salad. My cousin made the chicken salad. I don't know the exact measurements for the ingredients, but she used chicken (of course), red grape halves, pecans, finely chopped celery, salt, mayonnaise and sour cream. My favorite chicken salad is DC Chicken Salad at The Corner Bakery. The ingredients for that is chicken, chopped granny smith apple, currants, red onion (I use just a little bit), finely chopped celery, slivered almonds, salt and mayonnaise. I just play with the amounts. I've eaten chicken salad that is just chicken, celery, lemon juice and mayo, and it is sort of bland. I read that the secret to good chicken salad is to bake the chicken instead of boiling it. I hope this helps. My sister has a real good recipe for chicken salad. I'll get it from her the next time I am home and will post it.

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KK said...

Aw you're so sweet. Thanks. I'll have to play with those ingredients this summer. Ah...summer...if I dream it has to come sooner or later, right?!