Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My coworker and I got railroaded into having breakfast and lunch brought in for two meeting in the boardroom tomorrow and Friday. I have to leave for work 30-45 minutes earlier, stop by Publix and get bagels, muffins, juice and diet soft drinks. It is for another department. I don't know why they couldn't handle it. This other department is going to be having more all day meetings. Their assistant is going to have to handle it after this week. She has a corporate credit card for her department. I have to pay cash and then get reimbursed. Since my immediate supervisor is the CFO, maybe I can get my reimbursement quicker. All I am supposed to do is reserve the boardroom and unlock the door. Of course, Queenie just sits at her desk and watches us pull our hair out over this. I told my coworker that I wanted us to out do the others. I am serving everything on silver trays. I will go up there and make sure that everything is replenished when it needs to be. I'm going to raise the bar.

I am so ready for the weekend. I don't have anything planned. I think it is supposed to storm all weekend. I think I may stay inside and catch up reading all of my magazines. I may venture out to Target and see what fun things that they have.

BTW, if any of you see me lurking too much on your blogs on Saturday, it's because I read my blogs from the store computer and I don't have everyone on my blogroll. I depend on some of your blogrolls to find the other blogs that I read. Thay may be my project for the weekend - to update my blogroll.

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