Saturday, 5 April 2008

Yesterday it stormed most of the afternoon. As one thunderstorm would move out, another one would move in. I was able to safely make the trip to my mother's. We worked at the store last night. About 10:30, the power went out and stayed out for an hour. We think a transformer blew. We did not have that many people who wanted to buy something. We did have someone that got mad and said something under their breathe. When the power is out we can't wait on customers because 1. the alarm does not work, 2. the cash register does not work and 3. we only know the prices of a few things. We did wait on 2 customers that we know and trust, and we did know the price of the things that they bought. As soon as we decided to pack up and go home, the power came back on. What was so bad was that we had not checked up the register for the day. By the way, for all of you Non-southerners, in the South all verbs are followed by the word "up" as in "checked up the register" and "mopped up the floor". If you look outside in the middle of the day and the sky is dark, you say "It's coming up a storm".

One funny thing before I close. I think these people wait for me. Yesterday, as I was going to work. There was this woman in front of our building. She had on denim capri pants, a navy and light blue long sleeved t-shirt, Ray-bans (remember storm clouds) and LIME GREEN Crocs. She was singing and dancing like someone in a Lerner and Lowe musical. I guess she was happy.

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