Tuesday, 8 April 2008

What is it about me that attracts people in weird outfits? Do they hunt me down or am I too observant? Today at work, I was going into the breakroom behind a woman that had on a nice grey skirt (maybe part of a suit), a burgandy and grey striped blouse (looked like Ralph Lauren)...and hot pink patent leather stilleto pumps, a.k.a. "hooker shoes". Then after she got her ice and water, she was looking for something on the counter. She picked up a cup lid and wiped it several times on the side of her hip. What was that for? She wiped a clean lid on the side of her dirty skirt. FYI - I have to confess that I am not perfect.

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Kara said...

They must follow us both. I always run into the oddest people. I just want to shake them! Also, I tagged you here: