Monday, 7 April 2008

Saturday night my mother and I had been out to eat and were on our way home when her van ran over something in the road. Neither of us saw anything. Afterwards, we kept seeing brake lights. We turned around and went back and there was a dead deer in the road. We went back to our store and called the police to report it. While I was on the phone, my mother overheard a girl at the restaurant talking to her friend on her cell phone. When she hung up, she said, "My friends just hit a deer!" I guess that was the one that we ran over. It is really getting dangerous down here. Last year, my mother hit a deer about a block from where we were. This is in town, not out in the country. I've been having problems with a pit bull that lives in our building. The owner is always leaving it out unattended. I complained to the office and they said I either need to call animal control or find out which apartment it lives in. Last night when I got back, I saw the dog outside playing. I sat in my car for a few minutes before I got out. I saw it go into an apartment at the other end of the building. This morning when I called to let them know that I found the apartment, they said that I was too late, that the dog was already gone. It was so nice to come home tonight and not have to worry about the pit bull running towards me. I love dogs, but I am scared of this particular dog.

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Tickled Pink & Green said...

It seems every other week there is some news story on the local news here about another dog attacking someone. Watch out!