Friday, 11 April 2008

There must be a new law in Alabama that we must have severe thunderstorms every Friday or Saturday. On the way home from work, the radio was talking about funnel clouds and possible tornadoes. I stopped at Publix and took my time. I felt safer in the grocery store than in rush hour traffic. As soon as I left the bottom fell out. I got soaked when I stopped to get something to eat. I'm home now. Safe and dry. There's nothing on television tonight so I guess I'll watch (you guessed it) "Murder, She Wrote". When all else fails, there's alway "Matlock" or "Murder, She Wrote". She carries a Coach purse just like the one I have only in a different color. Has anyone out there tried the Tory Burch ballet flats? They only come in medium width and I have narrow feet. They look like they run narrow. I looked at them last night at Gus Mayer, but I did not take the time to try them on.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Be careful!!

I love the look of the TB flats but can't stand the elastic scrunchyness (a very technical term!) on the back of the heel. Buford Betty loves them though.

hicktowndiva said...

I like mine--they should be okay on narrow feet because the elastic in the back grips your heel. I think they are kind of overpriced for a little flat shoe, but I like the big buckle.